Save Your Windows
While Keeping Your Original Wood Frames



  1. The Bi-Glass System(r) can
  2. The Bi-Glass System(r) doesn't

What is Bi-Glass®

  1. Here's how it works.
  2. You can have your cake and eat it too!
  3. Customizing and Condition are No Problem!

Technical Details

  1. Do you love the look of your windows, but hate how drafty and inefficient they are?
  2. Do you want to save money on energy bills but can't stand the way "new" windows change the look of your house?
  3. Finally, there is a solution to your problems

Architectural Specifications

  1. Before and after cross section of single to double pane window glass replacement
  2. Product Information
  3. Bi-Glass System(r) Components
    1. Glass
    2. Balance System
    3. Weather Stripping
    4. Additional Information


  1. Finsihed Work


  1. Why Should I try and save my windows?
  2. Why is wood better than vinyl for windows?
  3. Do Historical Societies approve of the Bi-Glass System(r)?
  4. Will my windows be more energy efficient after installing the Bi-Glass System(r)?
  5. Will my windows tilt in?
  6. Is this an expensive process?
  7. Are new wood windows better than my old ones?
  8. If vinyl jambliners aren't appropriate are there other options?
  9. If your question hasn't been answered please e-mail us.

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