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from the U.S. Department of Energy in 1991

Product Information - Bi-Glass System Components


• Insulated Glass Comes in 3/8" to 5/8" Thicknesses
• Restoration Glass (Wavy Glass) Is Available to Maintain an Old Look
• Low-E & Argon Gas Are Available Options
• Single-Pane Restoration Replacement Is Available in Some Areas
• Replacement of Old Fogged Glass with New Insulated Panels Is

Balance System:

• New Tilt-in, Vinyl PVC, Foam Backed & Adjustable Jambliners
• New Hidden Balances
• New Tape Balances
• Options for Refurbishing Weights & Pulleys


• New Silicone Bulb Weatherstripping at All Horizontal Joints
• Fiberglass or Foam Insulation for Weight Cavities
• Felt & Vinyl Flap Weatherstripping Systems for Restoration
• Bronze Cushion Jamb Strips
• New Cam Activated Sash Locks to Engage Weatherstripping

Additional Information:

• Architectural Specifications
• Fogged Glass