Do you love the look of your windows, but hate how drafty and inefficient they are?

Do you want to save money on energy bills but can't stand the way "new" windows change the look of your house? 

Finally, there is a solution to your problems:

Before Bi-Glass®

After Bi-Glass®

The Bi-Glass window restoration process has proven successful on thousands of windows. From Victorian bent glass windows(above), to period glass, to the more contemporary styles of the 1920s through the '70s, you can save your old wood windows and save energy with the Bi-Glass System®.

Our patented process allows homeowners the option of keeping their existing windows and upgrading the single pane to double pane insulated glass. We offer a variety of weatherstripping, jambliner/balance systems, historic hardware, and for those who love the look of antique wavy glass, we offer restoration glass in the insulated panels.

Bi-Glass Systems® can:

  • Replace your single-pane glass with double-glazed insulated, Low E glass or save your old wavy glass.

  • Save your existing sash so your wood windows retain their original look.

  • Install a new balance system: jambliners easy tilting (cleaning and painting) or invisible spring balances.

  • Add high grade weather-stripping against drafts and insulate weight pockets.

  • Add new cam actuated sash locks.

  • Retain the historical authenticity by retaining the original muntins.

  • Replace the inefficient parts of your window -- glass, weatherstripping , jambliners, and locks.

  • Repair any rotted or damaged wood using epoxy consolidation techniques

The Bi-Glass Systems® doesn't:
  • Doesn't change the details and look of your windows to a bulky modern look.

  • Doesn't change the interior and exterior trim details.

  • Doesn't reduce the daylight of the window by adding perimeter spacers.

  • Doesn't exchange the strong old growth yellow pine of your old windows for the rapid growth rot susceptible "new" wood of the modern window.



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