Save Your Windows
While Keeping Your Original Wood Frames

The Bi-Glass System® will replace single pane glass with high-quality insulated glass

The Bi-Glass System® will replace single pane glass with high-quality insulated glass while still retaining your old sash. Reusing your old sash saves money as well as maintaining the architectural integrity of your house. After adding  custom made compressible jambliners, new weather-stripping and locks, you will have a truly energy-efficient window unit that in addition to keeping you warm and comfortable will tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Here’s How it Works

Wood replacement windowsIn a Bi-Glass® conversion, your original window sash is removed from the frame by a trained technician. The sash is taken outside your home to a mobile workshop. Here the technician uses a patented tool to route out the old window putty and glass. This makes room for the new, insulated glass which is installed using glazing tape and caulking. The interior muntins (grillwork) always remain intact and virtually unchanged. On the exterior of the glass we apply a muntin that matches the interior grid thereby retaining the authentic look of your original single-glazed window. In addition, we install new jambliners, hidden balances, weather-stripping, insulation, and locks to eliminate all drafts. The sashes are then reinstalled into their openings and adjusted to fit snugly.

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Wood replacement windowsThe Bi-Glass System® gives you state-of-the-art energy efficiency, while retaining the character of your windows. With the Bi-Glass System your windows are efficient, double-glazed, tilt-able units comparable to commercially manufactured wood windows.

Customizing and Condition are No Problem!

Because we use existing wooden sash, odd-sized windows present no problem; we simply custom size the new glass. We offer a variety of different balance systems from hidden balances cut into the sash, to vinyl compressible sash balances that reduce infiltration and allow the window to be opened easily and tilted inward for cleaning. Don’t worry about the condition of your windows. If windows show an excessive amount of rot, we will repair with epoxy consolidation, replace parts of the sash or the whole sash with matching units. Bi-Glass works on virtually any style of wooden window including awnings, casements, picture windows, round-tops, extra-large units, and doors.



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